SolarSmart - at home with innovation

       Save £££'s on your fuel bills

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          Get FREE hot water using FREE energy
          from the sun all year round.

      The award winning
      SolarSmart technology
      represents a breakthrough
      in solar-based domestic
      water heating making it
      more accessible and
      cost-effective than ever.
      Unlike conventional solar
      thermal systems which
      operate with a traditional
      boiler, SolarSmart uses a
      combination boiler, giving
      it a considerable energy
      saving advantage.
   SolarSmart versus the conventional
   solar thermal system

   Conventional solar thermal systems work with
   a traditional boiler to maintain a stored supply
   of hot water. Regardless of demand, the boiler
   fires-up to replenish the stored water as soon
   as its volume or temperature deteriorates.

   By contrast, using SolarSmart, the stored hot
   water is ordinarily heated only by the collected
   solar energy, consequently no gas is used in
   maintaining the cylinder temperature. Should
   the solar water be exhausted, the combination
   boiler fires-up long enough to help satisfy any
   immediate demand for hot water.

   With less paid-for energy used
   than conventional solar thermal
   systems, SolarSmart provides
   users with the opportunity to
   make greater reductions
   to energy bills and
   CO2 emissions.