Boilers & Upgrades

There are basically 3 different types of Boilers

Combi Boiler - Runs central heating and provides hot water on demand so no
storage cylinder or tanks required. Space saving in its design by using an integral
pump and diverter valve arrangement, this type of boiler provides hot water to your
taps or mixer shower at mains pressure, giving you the benefit of an invigorating
shower performance. Combis are currently the most popular option and are
specified in well over half of all new domestic boiler installations in the UK.

Regular or Conventional Boiler - If you currently have an older system, it is more than likely going to be this boiler option. It will generally heat the water in a hot water cylinder and there will also be a cold water tank and feed & expansion tank usually fitted in the loft. You can still replace this type of boiler and retain the cylinder and tank arrangement, albeit the new boiler will need to be a high efficiency condensing version to meet current building regulations. There may be other upgrade work required on the heating and hot water controls, again to bring the system in line with these regulations.

System Boiler - A more modern version of the Regular boiler, but with two main differences. Firstly, many of the components of the heating and hot water system, such as the pump, are incorporated within the boiler cabinet which makes for a neater and sometimes less costly installation. Secondly, the central heating system is slightly pressurised and topped up by mains water rather than a feed & expansion tank. This will normally result in a faster, more efficient response time and more economical running costs.

Quite a lot of the enquiries we receive are from homeowners with outdated systems who think that their only option is to completely replace all the components. In the majority of cases this is not the chosen solution finally, as the LINK in our title might even suggest. Connecting a new 'energy efficient' condensing boiler to existing radiators and pipework can always be considered, depending on the type and condition of the system installed. Every situation is obviously very different but our Advisor will assess the possibility and provide you with an impartial view. Hopefully this will assist you to eventually make an informed decision on the best course of action and at what cost.

Remember - a High Efficiency condensing boiler could save up to 40% on running costs!