Why Should I Switch to Gas?

Grants of up to £2400 are currently available when switching from coal or electric to gas
This is dependent on individual circumstances and we suggest you call us in the first instance to check whether you qualify for the higher funding levels.

                        *  Your gas bill could be around £300 a year cheaper than coal or electric

                        *  The heat is much more controllable particularly when used with modern
                           energy efficient programmers and thermostats

                        *  It is more convenient and cleaner than coal - no more heavy lifting

                        *  Sleek, slim products by comparison to bulky electric storage heaters

                        *  Gas is less carbon intensive than coal or electric which is a lot better
                           news for the environment

Is there a catch?

Not at all ...... Npower are working with the Government to help reduce carbon emmissions
from people's homes by offering help towards the cost of switching to gas home heating

Northern HEATLINK's team are committed to helping you obtain the right level of grant funding for your circumstances. Call us now for FREE advice on Freephone 0800 046 76 86

£300 Warmfront rebate for over 60's?

Unfortunately, due to Government cutbacks affecting this grant sector,
Warmfront have withdrawn the £300 subsidy until further notice.

However, the owners at Northern HEATLINK have decided to apply a 10% *
Discount for over 60’s customers who meet the criteria as originally laid
down by the scheme. Please ask for further details.

* Can not be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.