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        to a Warm, Comfortable, Fuel Saving Home

It's not good news for any of us that home energy costs are at an all time high. Did you know that in 2005 the average gas & electric bill was £666.00 *......
In 2010 it had reached £1123.00 #....... So, what can we do about it?
These pages will give you an insight into our range of energy efficient boilers
and renewable solutions which could save you hundreds of pounds each year,
whilst also combating any adverse effect on the environment by reducing
carbon emissions.
* Energy Saving Trust, June 2008
# / DECC - Tables 2.2.1 & 2.3.1


Northern HEATLINK is committed to providing levels of customer service unrivalled in the central heating industry. You can rest assured you are in safe hands with our management and staff, all of whom have many years experience advising on and providing, cost effective and energy efficient ‘healthier heating’ options.

Since April 2005 Building Regs for England & Wales require that virtually all domestic gas fired boilers installed
are high efficiency condensing models. This illustrates just how much the Government is committed to reducing
the UK's energy consumption along with harmful emissions of climate changing greenhouse gases such as
carbon dioxide.

Our findings in general are that customers don't realise just how inefficient their old heating systems really are.
We regularly carry out surveys on old boilers that haven't been serviced for a number of years, some of which will
be operating at less than 50% efficiency. Not only is safety compromised here, but 50p of every pound spent on
gas is effectively wasted.

By comparison, updating to an 'A' rated condensing boiler will increase the efficiency to a minimum of 90%.
This improvement of 40% could reduce average gas usage by approx £250 - £300 per year based on the
above examples. - ('A' rating is currently highest achievable)

If you'd like to 'lose pounds' off your bills, why not speak to our qualified Energy Efficiency Advisors
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